A Portable Bed Is an Excellent Investment

Roll away beds are the ideal substitute for providing family and friends with an over night stay or for short term use. These products commonly are not designed for long term use. Even so, they really are sturdy, durable and extremely useful to have in your house. Find out more about these kinds of portable beds simply by reading the material below.

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This model of portable bed is known as a type of hide away bed, as it can be collapsed and rolled away in to a storage space, hidden away from view. For this motive, it’s also known as a fold away bed. These types of beds are most frequently available in standard or extra long twin bed size, because anything larger sized can be really difficult to move and store. Such a bed includes a thin foam mattress or possibly a standard spring mattress. The frame is constructed out of a sturdy metal.

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You can find another style of portable bed that could fit under the category of “roll away”, and that is the trundle bed. A lot of these fit beneath a standard bed frame and roll in and out when necessary.

Benefits of A Roll Away Portable Bed

Roll away beds are suitable for short term use, generally for visitors which are staying for a short time. They might also be used as temporary bedding for unexpected needs. A good example of a situation you might need to benefit from such a bed is if the frame of your normal bed breaks or maybe your bed mattress requires cleaning. This portable bed could be also a good choice for new moms who wish to rest in the baby’s room.

These types of fold away beds are perfect for individuals who desire a practical bed to offer guests. This is an excellent substitute for sleeping on the sofa. These portable bed are perfect for a child’s sleepovers. Rather than having a heavy mattress around, or making the guests to sleep on an air mattress or sleeping bag on the floor, you can get an easy-to-store fold away bed.

Types of Roll Away Beds

When purchasing space-saving furniture that should be suitable for your home, you will notice that there are a variety of options available on the market. A few of the alternatives include:

Weight and Size: Besides the standard twin or single sized beds, these day there are double and queen size fold up beds. Apart from the actual size, beds differ in weight, from about 30 pounds to more than 50 pounds. This is especially because of the various kinds of metals and materials used for the frames and components. Heavy duty ones can be more durable, however they can also be extremely difficult to handle.

Capacity: This is one thing that individuals often neglect to take into account. These types of portable beds differ in capacity that they can safely handle. Very good quality twin roll away beds usually have a capacity of just 170 pounds. Therefore you actually wouldn’t wish to use this for an individual that’s heavier than that.

Mattress Type: The higher quality bed mattresses are generally about 4-5 inches thick. Any thinner and your visitor will certainly feel the metal jabbing their back all night, leading to great discomfort and back pain. They can’t be much thicker, simply because they have to be able to fold easily inside the frame. However they are usually made out of foam, some provide additional comfort having a smoother layer of padding or cushion at the top.

Before buying a fold away bed, it is advisable to measure the actual size of the furniture when it’s folded and when it is open. Not only do you need space to lay the bed out when you have a guest, but the truth is you must have sufficient space for storing. Many portable beds have a nice storage bag, which can be very helpful for clean and safe storage in a basement or shed.

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We have mated the strongest rollaway bed with the upgraded and thicker mattress, a 6″ thick Tufted Premium Innerspring mattress with tempered steel coils. Rated capacity of 280 lbs. by the manufacturer with Lifetime Ltd. Warranty.

Easy Setup and Take Down

One person can easily move, set up, and take down our rollaway beds. Maneuverability in tight places or over an uneven floor is no problem with the large 8″ diameter steel wheels with rubber tires and the 2″ diameter swivel casters – medium hard rubber with full ball bearing swivel. All four wheels are built just like the bed — to last.

With the Automatic Leg Opening feature, when the bed is opened and lowered flat, the legs at the head and foot of the bed lower automatically. There is no struggling with lowering the legs into the proper position for use. When the bed is folded up for storage, the legs retract and fold up into the frame automatically. No pinched fingers while struggling to fold our legs into the frame for storage.

Durable and Supportive Innerspring Mattress

All of our innerspring rollaway mattresses employ Active Support Technology. This innerspring technology provides a dynamic response to natural body movement and reacts intelligently to individual body contours. The mattress actually becomes firmer for needed support as weight is applied. The coils adjust instantly to your sleep movements, comforting and supporting your body actively as you sleep.

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When buying portable bed find out more about the bed and check out if you can set it up and store it away without effort. Just like with all beds and mattresses, you need to try it and discover if it is comfortable enough to sleep on.

Read more about these space saving beds here.

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Choose The Best Portable Bed For Your Needs

There are many reasons why you would want to own a nice portable bed. They come in many different shapes and sizes, looks and designs and serve to deliver comfort in a situation that would otherwise be awkward and uncomfortable.

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You don’t know what portable bed to buy? It depends on where you are going, what you are doing, or what you are. Are you going camping, to college, or vacationing? Are you a backpacker, a student, a mother, someone who travels a lot?

For Campers, Hikers and Backpackers

If you are frequently going on trips to the mountains, up steep trails and camping grounds, you have the choice of sleeping pad, inflatable mattress or sleeping cot.

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Each has its own advantage and disadvantage. A sleeping pad is easy to use, but it is generally less comfortable as it would put you more directly over rocks and tree rots than an inflatable mattress or cot would. An inflatable mattress, being cushioned, is more comfortable than a sleeping pad while being comparable in size, ease of use and weight. But it is prone to puncture and is more complex to use as it would need inflation and deflation. A sleeping cot has the advantage of height over a mattress and a sleeping pad. But it is more complicated to set up than a sleeping pad and could take up tent space. With these considerations, it’s for you, the buyer, to balance these factors when choosing a bed.

For Mothers

Running a home would most likely mean having to accommodate relatives, the kids’ friends or other visitors in the house. Portable beds will be a good thing to have when there’s no more room space in the house. An air bed or inflatable mattress would always come in handy when unexpected guests arrive or when going over with the kids to the house of relatives or on hotels during vacation.

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Inflatable beds offer the advantage of being light to carry and easy to keep without the need for large spaces. They can also be rolled and folded to variable dimensions.

For Babies

Portable air beds for infants and toddlers could help a lot in making the child comfortable whether at home or somewhere else. With the baby comfy, Mommy could enjoy and relax herself. Kids’ travel beds usually have raised edges to keep the child from rolling off and falling. They’re great to carry when visiting grandma and grandpa, when traveling or napping at a visit to the park.

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For Students

Going off to your first year in college and living on your own in your first apartment? Just like Mom in your home, an inflatable mattress, air bed or sleeping pad would come in handy around your dorm. You can bring it when sleeping over to friends’ place, or going on camping trips. You can also have use for portable beds if you have guests coming over and they need a place to sleep. Or perhaps an opportunity will come to you when you need to travel to another city or state to do summer jobs, volunteer works, trainings and the accommodation is such that you need to bring your own bed.

portable bed

This folding camp cot is great for all types of outdoor use (and indoor use, too!). Great for campers, scouts, explorers, and even that unexpected house guest. This high-end military cot is also ideal as an emergency cot and is currently used by many shelters. Portable, strong, and comfortable, this “longer” military cot comes in handy for even the tallest of sleepers. This specially-crafted army cot is extra long, so there’s no more worrying about your feet hanging off the edge! At 77” inches long, by 25” wide, there is plenty room.

An innovative Dual Side Bag Storage System allows you to keep water bottles, flashlights, etc., all within reach. With a height of 17″, avoid the hard, cold ground – and wake up feeling more rested! Sleep soundly with the unique, body-contouring fabric. These army cots are built tough, adhering to the precise military specifications set for outdoor cots. They utilize reinforced aircraft-quality aluminum and are constructed using heavy-duty polyester fabric.

  • Expanded Size:   77″L x 25″W x 17″H / Folded Size: 37″L x 8″W x 5″H
  • Legs of  these Camping Cots are Reinforced w/ Stronger Steel Pipe Inserts
  • Contour Form-Fitting Fabric
  • Weight capacity:  350 lbs.

You can depend on this sleep cot! Easy set up and take down (in under 2 minutes), these folding camp cots make camping a snap and are great for any outdoor use – perfect as an emergency cot, military cot, cabin cot, or even that unexpected overnight guest at your home. After use, this portable cot folds up into an incredibly compact bag for easy storage until next time.

If you want a good night’s sleep, choose a great portable bed!

Source: http://www.streetdirectory.com/etoday/portable-bedswhat-type-is-for-you-wffjla.html

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Here is a Great Method to Find the Best Portable Bed

A portable bed can be the perfect solution for unexpected guests or frequent visitors. Choosing the one that’s right for you can sometimes be overwhelming. However, there are many things you can do to make this process a smoother for you and your family.

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When you go shopping for a portable bed, guest bed, rollaway bed here are some important factors that you need to consider:

1. Decide which type of portable bed suits your family’s needs. One of the things you will need to consider is who you are buying the bed for. Do you plan to have a single person sleeping over or a couple? Does your guest have any particular health problems you should be aware of such as back problems or allergies? What space are you going to use this rollaway bed in? Where will it be stored when not in use? All of these things should factor into the type of bed you will buy. You want to purchase a portable bed that will fit all of your needs, be of good quality, and most of all, be a decent price.

2. Now that you know what type of portable bed you want, you are ready to do your homework. Begin by looking at several furniture stores in your area so that you have an idea of the price ranges. Check as many of these store’s webpages as possible as they may be running seasonal promotions or have internet-only specials. This will give you more leverage when talking with the salesperson at the store. Don’t be afraid to ask for a better price based on a competitor’s ad, or inquire whether or not opening a new line of credit will entitle you to a discount. Do not forget to ask about the store’s return policy, warranty on the product, and whether or not they deliver.

3. Test the portable bed you are planning to buy. Open and close the bed several times to make sure you can do this with ease. Sit on the end of the bed and bounce gently to get a feel of the bed. Make sure the bed supports your weight evenly. Lay across the mattress and see if it is comfortable. If you have to move around to get comfortable while you are in the store, it is probably not a bed that you or your guests will want to spend a full night sleeping on. Lift the mattress and check the springs to see if they are solidly constructed. Work the springs up and down with your hands to see if there is a reasonable amount of resistance without being extremely rigid.

Don’t forget to look at the bed frame and the bed’s casters. Roll the bed back and forth gently to see if it will be easy to move from one location to another. Make sure that it doesn’t roll on its own without being pushed.

4. Once you have decided on the portable bed you like, take it home with you and unfold in the area you are going to use it. Leave it in this location for a day or so to see if it will work in that space. For example, you may notice that your new rollaway bed takes up more room than you originally planned. In that case, you may decide that your bed will be best located in another area. You will already have this established long before your overnight guests arrive, making their stay much more comfortable.

portable bed 14The Ultimate Rollaway Bed Luxury Model 102 also provides adjustable head elevation, wooden slats, and a luxurious 4 1/2 inch high orthopedic mattress. It is an extra long 75 inches. This is the best guest bed we’ve seen — the sturdy folding frame is strong and durable with smooth rolling wheels and a high profile mattress built to last. Our Luxury Ultimate Rollaway Bed also comes with its own headboard attached! This item is no longer offered with Free Shipping, though the final price hasn’t risen a penny!

  • Easy to fold and lock in storage position with metal arms.
  • Heavy duty metal legs also feature a cross support for added stability.
  • The Ultimate Rollaway Bed also provides adjustable head elevation and headboard
  • A luxurious 5 1/2 inch orthopedic mattress that lifts the sleeper above the floor.
  • It is an extra long 75 inches.

More information about this portable beds is available here.

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Top 10 Best Selling Portable Beds

People want to buy portable beds for all sorts of reasons, for overnight guests, modifying a space into a guest room, use them as travel beds, camping beds, or maybe the present portable bed is just getting old. Generally, most people who are looking for new portable beds are not really after those expensive ones with all the fancy details.  So long as it is comfortable, portable and a space-saving then it’s perfect. This doesn’t mean you should buy the first cheap portable bed you find, you need a quality portable bed at a reasonable price.

This list is the best sellers for Amazon.com. Feel free to use it as a starting point for your portable bed shopping, or you can use it to compare products.

1. Inflatable Bed For Kids

portable bed

  • Inflatable bed made specially for kids; sleep surface measures 50 by 25 inches
  • Constructed of heavy-duty PVC with electronically welded seams
  • 4-inch-high surround safety cushion helps kids stay on the bed
  • Included AC pump inflates bed in under a minute; deflates in under 15 seconds
  • Comes with thick, washable, fitted mattress pad with star and moon design

2.  Roll Away Bed with Memory Foam

portable bed 1

• Item includes the steel frame and mattress
• Elegant Beige Damask Fabric Cover
• Casters for easy mobility
• Sturdy metal tube frame with durable wood slat supports
• Mattress is topped with a layer of memory foam

3. Folding Bed

portable bed 2
• Condition: Brand New.
• Color: Brown.
• Bed’s size when folding out: 4″ thick x 60″ wide x 80″ long.
• Floor seat’s size when folding up: 12″ high x 27″ deep x 60″ long.
• Material: 100% Polyester

4.  Portable Toddler Bed

portable bed 3
• Super for sleepovers, camping and daycare
• Durable all steel constructed frame that has a reinforced canvas bed liner
• Washable matching sheet
• Perfect cot for outings, traveling, camping, day care or lounging around the house
• Incredibly quick and easy to set up and fold down

5.  Portable Hammock

portable bed 4

• An easy-up, portable hammock lets you take comfort on the go
• Durable powder-coated steel frame; Textilene fabric; chain suspension
• Includes a removable pillow for head rest or lumbar support
• Packs up easily and stores in its own included carrying case with handle; folded dimensions are 11″L x 7″W x 48″H
• Measures 93 by 40 by 26 inches; weighs 24.86 pounds; weight capacity is 250 lbs

6.  Portable Bench with Fold Out Sleeper

portable bed 5

  • Bench with Fold Out Sleeper in Brown Leatherette
  • Living Room
  • Living Room->Footstools and Ottomans
  • Some assembly may be required

7. Toddler Inflatable Portable Bed

portable bed 6

• Innovative design offers comfort and safety
• PVC material contains no BPS, Lead or Phthalates
• Patented Sung fit system allows crib size sheets to be tucked around the mattress
• Inflates and deflates rapidly with electric pump (included)
• Great solution for a safe night’s rest for a toddler away from home

8. Roll Away Guest Bed

portable bed 7
• 4″ mattress features premium jacquard cover from blended super soft bamboo rayon fabric
• 1″ top layer of fiber padding for ultimate comfort
• 3″ base layer of super soft foam provides support
• Deluxe steel frame with casters for easy transport
• Casters are uniquely positioned on the frame, so when it is open the legs do not move around on the floor

9. Portable Crib

portable bed 8
• Set up and ready to use in one simple movement
• Compact and lightweight design (11 lbs) makes it easy to take with you
• Insulated mattress keeps baby warm and comfortable
• Waterproof, breathable mattress cover is machine washable
• Net fabric side panels make it easy to keep an eye on baby

10. Portable Massage Table

portable bed 9
• Value Package includes: Table, Deluxe Adjustable Face Cradle with matching crescent cushion and Single Pocket Carry Case
• Managed forest hard Maple legs and brances with lightweight aircraft grade Birch decking
• Mid-brace Cradle-locik Cabling System with 1,000 lbs. test cables
• Passes 2400 lb. static load test, 450 lbs. dynamic load drop test and recommended working weight capacity of 600 lbs.
• Limited Lifetime Construction Warranty, 3 year warranty Foam/Upholstery

Amazon offers these portable beds at great prices and for most shipping is free of charge. You can click on the bedded links for more details and hundreds of portable bed reviews.

Discover more portable beds here.

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